Apartments have a unique location in an area that offers excellent service. The Black Stork Golf Course is in the immediate vicinity of the resort. The ideal accessibility of the site is also emphasized by the international airport in Poprad.


Tatranská Lomnica 8 km

Discover the beauty of Lomnický štít at an altitude of 2,634 m above sea level. m.!

A ticket with a seat for Lomnický štít can be purchased 7 days in advance at the box office of the cable car in Tatranská Lomnica (at the valley station of the cable car) or electronically at gopass.sk. From Tatranská Lomnica, a 4-seater cable car will take you to the Štart intermediate station, from where you will be taken to Skalnaté pleso at an altitude of 1751 m above sea level. will export a new modern 15 seater gondola. Here you can stroll and refresh yourself in the restaurant with beautiful views. From there, a unique red cable car will take you to the peak.

Kežmarok 7 km

Kežmarok is a district town with more than 20,000 inhabitants and is one of the largest and most beautiful towns in the Spiš region. The first written mention of the town dates from 1251. In the past, Kežmarok was the second most important town forming a triangle of the historical part of Spiš, next to the towns of Levoča and Spišská Sobota. In the second half of the 12th century, Kežmarok was occupied by German settlers, who were invited by King Belo IV. after the Tartar tribes left the territory. The Germans founded the settlement of St. on the city border. Elizabeth. In 1380, Kežmarok became a free royal town. The pride of Kežmarok is the Wooden Articular Church. The Protestant church was built in 1717 next to the old sacral building from 1593, which today serves as a sacristy. This unique wooden building made of yew and red spruce was built without the use of a single nail. The Baroque interior of the church is also made of wood. The church organ with wooden pipes is also very valuable. Kežmarok Castle is located in the city center and is the seat of the local museum. Despite the fact that it burned down several times, today the visitor can enjoy the beautiful, renovated spaces and the castle chapel in the style of the early Baroque. According to legend, the Black Lady’s mint is still in its corridors. One of the most interesting exhibits is a unique device, which was used to take the first X-rays in Slovakia. In the summer, the castle hosts theater performances and evening Bloody History, which are part of the July EĽRO festival.

Starý Smokovec – Hrebienok 12 km

The oldest tourist and recreational area in the High Tatras. Local demand for mineral water from Smokovec took root some decades ago. It is possible that from the beginning it was associated with the faith of the locals in the old Slavic gods of natural resources. The oldest Tatra settlement was established at the acid springs in 1793, when Count Štefan Csáky built his hunting lodge here. Ján Rainer, who was its tenant in the years 1833 – 1867, also contributed significantly to the development of Starý Smokovec. The first Tatra Grandhotel was completed in 1904. In an effort to attract tourists, regular winter seasons were introduced offering a wide range of sports opportunities as well as connections with Hrebienok, where the funicular began in 1908.

Hrebienok (1285m) is an attractive destination for visitors to the High Tatras. The oldest tourist center Starý Smokovec is a transport hub of the town of Vysoké Tatry. The settlement is a branch to Hrebienok – the starting point of many hiking trails. Take the cable car from Starý Smokovec to a height of 1,272 m above sea level. and experience the feeling that Queen Elizabeth of England had when visiting the High Tatras. Transport comfortably in 7 minutes and overcome an altitude difference of 255 m.n.m. Hrebienok is a tourist center of ascents to Veľká and Mala Studená dolina or Slavkovský štít. You can recharge your batteries after the hike in the Snack bar in Hrebienok. This popular place is located in the cable car building. The ideal meeting place for the whole family will be, so to speak, “at hand” whether getting on or off the cable car.

Studený potok waterfalls, a section of Studený potok from the confluence of Veľký Studený potok from Veľká Studená dolina and Malý Studený potok from Mala Studená dolina in close proximity to Rainerova chata, to Bilík’s cottage, where the waterfalls end.
The cold stream flows through a huge terrain break and creates beautiful cascades and cataracts, which are especially nice when the snow melts in the spring or after heavy rains when the water level is high.
Visit TrickLandia in Starý Smokovec, a place where you will experience a unique journey through Slovakia in the gallery of trick-art and optical illusions

Slovenský raj 25 km

On one of the most romantic gorges of the Slovak Paradise! The water flows through a gorge at the northern end of the Gľac plateau and separates the Vtáčí hrb and Rumanová massifs. It empties into the Great White Water directly in the Podlesok resort.

Route description: Quite a demanding round trip. Exposed sections in the Suchá Belá gorge are secured by wooden and iron ladders, chains, steps and footbridges. They require extra care. The passage through the gorge is one-way, it can only go against the flow of the stream! The rest of the route leads along comfortable forest paths and sidewalks.
The proposed hike offers a fascinating passage through the Suchá Belá gorge, which is part of the national nature reserve of the same name. The challenging passage through the mysterious world of cascades, waterfalls and gorges is ensured by technical aids.

Kláštorisko (760 m above sea level) archeological park and tourist center in the heart of the Slovak Paradise. In the middle of canyons, gorges, caves and streams is the ruin of a Carthusian monastery from the early 14th century. Man has always found his or her permanent or temporary residence here since prehistoric times. In the 13th century, the Monastery protected the inhabitants of the adjacent towns and villages from the Tatar invasions. The charter of the monastery on the “Rock of Refuge” (dated 12 December 1299) marks the beginning of more than 250 years of silence of the Carthusian order. They named him Raj (Paradise) and the team still is today.

Spiš, Spišský hrad, Levoča 30 km

Spiš Castle was built about 900 years ago in the 12th century on the site of another castle. It is one of the largest castles in Europe. However, there are other monuments worth visiting, such as the Spiš Chapter, often called the “Slovak Vatican” is part of Spišské Podhradie, an area that lies directly below the castle Gothic architecture, Baroque decoration on houses, Renaissance churches, the cathedral and to all this also the beautiful panorama of the High Tatras. The Church of the Holy Spirit in Žehra, one of the first inhabited places in Slovakia, decorated with medieval frescoes. The whole complex belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site along with 1000 other monuments in the world.

Master Pavol of Levoča (born sometime in the years 1470-80 and died in the years 1537-42), a carver, was one of the greatest artists in Slovakia in the Middle Ages. He led a large carving workshop in Levoča. His sculptures in Banská Bystrica, Okoličné, Bardejov, Prešov, etc. they are a testimony of his genius. The most important work of his is generally considered to be the altar of St. Of St. James in Levoča. With its height of 18.6 m and width of 6 m, it is the tallest wooden Gothic altar in the world. It combines the perfect harmony of the dominant architecture, elaborate wood carving, valuable painting and undoubtedly demanding gilding of the sculptures.

The Levočská dolina ski resort, an organic swimming pool and a fishing pond are located 6 km from Levoča, in the Levočská Dolina district. The swimming pond has a volume of 1,750 m³ and is divided into zones with different water depths. In the non-swimmers zone, the water is deep in the range from 0 to 0.90 m, in the swimmers zone from 0 to 2.20 meters. The capacity of the swimming pool is more than 300 people. Fishing is included in the price of admission. Only fish caught in kg, rod rental and bait are charged. There is a space for cleaning fish in the area. Staff can also ask for help.

Červený Kláštor 43 km

 Monastery 43 km

Position: Red Monastery GPS: N49 ° 23’56 ” E20 ° 25’0 ”

The Dunajec River forms the state border between Slovakia and Poland in the length of 18 km. It is extremely clean and transparent because it does not flow through any industrial zone. The river is not polluted by any plant, so it is one of the cleanest rivers in Central Europe. Dunajec has a relatively strong current in Slovakia and Poland, while in other places it flows more slowly. At the time when the Dunajec was forming, he made his way through the limestone rocks and created a beautiful, romantic canyon.

Sports equipment rental: Červený Kláštor 37 (in the middle of the village, near the pier leading through Dunajec)

Open daily from 9:00 to 18:00, from 1.5 to 31.9
Start the rafting every day from 9:00 – 10:00, 12:00 – 13:00
contact: +421 907 477 412

Rent a bike and visit Niedzica Castle + 421-52-4822057, + 421-911-325250

In 1319, Master Kakaš donated the village of Lechnica to a Catholic monk from Skala (today’s Kláštorisko in the Slovak Paradise). They built in the nearby valley of St. Anton Carthusian Monastery. The Red Monastery is associated with the name Fraya Cyprián, who became famous for his knowledge of medicinal herbs. He created a herbarium, which is now part of the pharmaceutical exhibition. In front of the entrance to the monastery there is a park, which was declared a protected area of ​​Pieninské linden in 1972. Protects 19 old rare lindens.


Tatranská Lomnica 8 km

Enjoy sunny skiing in Lomnický sedlo, the starting point of which begins in the High Tatras – Tatranská Lomnica. The highest and steepest ski slope from Lomnický Sedlo 2,190 m above sea level. m., will satisfy even the most demanding skiers. 1,300 meter elevation gain, 5-month snow guarantee, state-of-the-art chairlifts and gondola lifts and extended slopes guarantee a great experience on a first-class carving 6.5-kilometer track with a width of up to 60 m.

Štrbské pleso 35 km

The highest Tatra settlement Štrbské Pleso offers 9 kilometers of easy and medium-difficult downhill runs on the southern slopes of Predný Solisko, which are popularly used by families with children and advanced skiers. High Tatras – Štrbské Pleso allows its visitors to use the services of ski rental, snowboards, ski services and ski schools for beginners. Take advantage of the highest standard of service that this specific center of a peaceful and harmonious character provides to its visitors.

Bachledova dolina 25 km

The family ski resort BACHLEDKA Ski & Sun is located on the ridge of Spišská Magura with a magnificent view of the panorama of the Belianske Tatras, only 30 km north of the city of Poprad. It spreads over the territory of three municipalities – Ždiar, Jezersko and Malá Franková, while access to the center is possible from all of them.
BACHLEDKA Ski & Sun as a member of the TatrySki group offers the opportunity to ski up to 40 km of slopes in nine ski resorts in Slovakia and Poland and use up to 51 cable cars and lifts as well as two ice rinks for one ski pass. All this at the ski pass for 2 days and longer. The resort offers a unique Slovak experience – the opportunity to ski in three valleys from different parts of the world, a fantastic family skiing and a seasonal snow guarantee. Up to 6 km of slopes are technically snowed. Skiers have at their disposal a 4-seater Jezersko, a 3-seater Bachledova dolina, 5 lifts, 10 slopes with a length of 10.7 km in all levels of difficulty, as well as 20 km of cross-country ski trails. Of course there is night skiing, ski school, ski service, ski equipment rental, free parking and ski bus.

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